“Stephen aspired to become an architect, and whilst other young people may have different ambitions, each and every one of them will become architects of their own future... Imagination is one of the most powerful tools we can use to inspire meaningful societal change, and I cannot wait to see what ideas are born from this project.”

Baroness Doreen Lawrence

Stephen Lawrence Day 2024 

SLRC Annual Lecture

Tuesday 23 April 6-9pm
De Montfort University
Keynote Speaker:
Professor Joy James, Ebenezer Fitch Professor of the Humanities, Williams College

hopeful futures creative workshops

Empowering Young Minds Through Creativity
Wednesday 17 April 10am-2.30pm
The SLRC invited young people to reimagine inclusive spaces through art and design with on-campus workshops for local schools providing an opportunity for participants to explore the power of learning through place, space, and belonging.

stephen lawrence reading list and digital resources

Download the SL Reading List to go on a literary journey celebrating culture, literacy, and the life of Stephen. Public libraries, schools and colleges can use this initiative to encourage children and young people to delve into the world of reading and discovery.
Digital Creative Challenge coming soon

SL30 Programme 2023

30 Years On

2023 marks the 30th anniversary of the racist murder of Stephen Lawrence. The Stephen Lawrence Research Centre (SLRC) partnered with the Stephen Lawrence Day Foundation, Libraries Connected and The Reading Agency to host a programme of activities aimed at children and young people that promote culture, literacy and learning, and speak to the life and legacy of Stephen Lawrence.

Schools and communities were invited to use the memory of Stephen’s life and legacy as an opportunity to empower young people to live their best life.

The Stephen Lawrence Research Centre SL30 programme

De Montfort University (DMU) is fortunate to be the home of the Stephen Lawrence Archive which sits at the heart of the SLRC’s programme of work. With our trusted partner, the Stephen Lawrence Day Foundation, this commemorative time is of huge national and international importance in honour of Stephen’s life and his legacy.

The SLRC’s programme engaged people across the nation in activities to celebrate Stephen’s memory and contribute to the ongoing conversation surrounding his remarkable life. It included:

  • Hopeful Futures: SL30 Creative Challenge
  • SL30 Reading Challenge
  • The SLRC In Conversation series
  • SL30 Podcast Series
  • Inaugural Stephen Lawrence Research Centre Annual Lecture

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